Amish Acres Shops

Many handmade crafts and locally produced products are featured in Amish Acres’ unique shops. In addition you will find a bakery full of old fashioned breads and cakes, a meat and cheese shop with souse, headcheese and buffalo meat, and a candy shop as sweet as it gets along with an antique marble soda fountain.

 Amish AcresThe Bakery        

The Bakery bakes fresh daily for the Restaurant as well as the counter and shelf. Take home a dozen molasses or chocolate chip cookies, a bag of egg noodles, as well as loaves of our famous hearth bread, raisin bread, strudels, fruit pies, and of course our award winning Shoofly pie. (The Chicago Tribune declares it “The Best!”)





stove-in-greeting-barn.jpgThe Greeting Barn    

The Greeting Barn has two levels of gifts, crafts, antiques, baskets, quilts, accessories, and knickknacks to be explored. The gift shop includes unique products exclusive to Amish Acres – handmade Amish dolls, hex signs, calico bonnets, and straw hats make for great souvenirs.






meat-and-chees-exterior.jpgW. H. Best Meat & Cheese Shop 

This 1860s log cabin, named for one of Nappanee’s first meat markets, stocks a large variety of the most flavorful country-style meats and cheeses to be found. Enjoy dill pickles and a variety of cool drinks.






fudgery-exterior.jpgLog Cabin Soda Shop & Fudgery

The antique marble soda fountain offers up a variety of delicious treats from sodas, malts, and ice cream to old fashioned fountain drinks and slices of freshly baked pie a la mode.

Dozens of flavors of fudge are made daily to fill the fudgery along with other confections and concoctions to satisfy any sweet tooth.