A Quiet Moment in Time

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A Quiet Moment in Time gives a short, straightforward and accurate description of the Amish, their history and their culture. A Quiet Moment in Time represents an easy to read introduction to Amish society. It includes a list of 10 core features of Amish culture, plus an introduction to their historical roots, religious values, farm work, families, and communities. The book represents a contemporary picture of Amish life, linking the past with the present, and examining future directions of Amish society. It provides advise on getting the most out of a visit to Amish country, selected recipes, examples of home remedies, and recommended sources for reading about all aspects of Amish culture. The tourist experience is enhanced when the connection between the history and heritage of the Amish and the way they live today is more fully understood. A Quiet Moment in Time is must reading for everyone who wants to learn more about the Amish. This book is 157 pages and authored by George M. Kreps, Joseph F. Donnermeyer, and Marty W. Kreps.